TOTUL despre IMOBILIARE ALBA Iulia, Agentia Imobiliara INTERMEDIA Alba-Iulia " 13 ANI ! de imobiliare impreuna !  " Imobiliare Alba - AGENTII IMOBILIARE - INTERMEDIA intermediaza vanzarea, cumpararea, schimbul sau inchirierea de garsoniere, apartamente, case, vile, terenuri, spatii comerciale si industriale. " 13 ANI ! de imobiliare impreuna !  " Scopul agentiei este de a oferi clienilor sai servicii de calitate prin profesionalism si transparenta. " 13 ANI ! de imobiliare impreuna !  " Siguranta tranzactiilor imobiliare o gasiti la INTERMEDIA Alba-Iulia!  " 13 ANI ! de imobiliare impreuna !  " PORTALUL AFACERILOR IMOBILIARE DE SUCCES !!!
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 *APARTAMENTE  NOI posibilitatea si in rate la DEZVOLTATOR !!

  - cu  2 camere, 1 baie, 1 bucatarie, balcoane, Finisate
ULTRA MODERN clik aici!       Pret: de la
  42-45.000 Euro

 1/2 Duplex D+P+M Alba-Micesti  

Sc=260mp St=300mp
    - 4 camere, 3 bai, 1 bucatarie, 2 bl..ridicata in rosu,
vanzare stadiu actual clik aici!
Pret 52.000Euro

  Vrem sa stim !   

surveys & polls
 Vila D+P+M Alba-Micesti

Sc=260mp St=300mp
 - 4 camere, 2 bai, 1 bucatarie, 2 bl..ridicata
in rosu, vanzare stadiu actual clik aici
Pret 45.000 Euro


   Spatiu Comercial
 - IDEALA pentru SEDIU de FIRMA, BANCA, MOTEL CLINICA,  PENSIUNE, Constructii Locuinte POT 75 % Colective si Indiv.
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Teren pentru constructii de vanzare
60 000 €
10 €/mp
data: 10-06-2010  
tip: Teren pentru constructii
suprafata teren: 6000 mp
front stradal: 92 m
la sosea
acces auto
ID:51F0 mai multe detalii
Apartament de vanzare
27 000 €
data: 28-09-2011  
Ampoi 1
confort: I
etaj: 3/4
2 camere
tip: Semidecomandat
suprafata: 56 mp
balcon inchis
ID:48EF mai multe detalii
Apartament de vanzare
32 000 €
data: 03-10-2011  
confort: I
etaj: 4/4
2 camere
tip: Decomandat
suprafata: 56 mp
balcon inchis
ID:3C5F mai multe detalii
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    ... 12 YEARS !!! ... of real estates together !.   



            INTERMEDIA is a private company which was founded in 1998 becoming UNAI founding member in the year 2000 and UNIM founding member in the year 2005 , its purpose being that of offering professional services on the romanian real estate market looking for solutions for satisfing its customers, offering today professional real estate services at occidental standards.

             Still 1998 we managed to develop our own philosophy and our own principles of making business. We managed to expand ourselves and to form a strong, young, competitive, informed, flexible and dynamic team...

              The INTERMEDIA TEAM it perfectly identifies with the objectives of the company, its members being devoted to the principles and to the fundamental values of the firm: high quality professional services, integrity, respect,dignity and work team.

              In this way the results didn't waited to show up ,INTERMEDIA earning a well deserve and consolidate position in the top of the first real estate agencies who action on the Alba-Iulia's market, among our collaborators counting foreign companies, strong firms with romanian capital as well as many customers from the country and abroad.

             INTERMEDIA is centred on the real estate market with transaction of  Plots of ground, Villas,Houses and Comercial spaces.At the same time is offering for rent and spaces for offices as well as halls-store-houses.

            INTERMEDIA is offering consultation concerning the real estate and mortgage credit and leasing, is facilitating their obtainig and is preparing the customer's file.For each real estate transactioned by Intermedia the customer benefit of free assurance of the transactioned real estate.

            In this moment INTERMEDIA is offering consultation concerning the management of the propriety in the construction of a real estate on different stages, ,,at the red� or ,,at the key� by our partners S.C. Damaris Invest S.R.L. Alba.

           The real estate company INTERMEDIA is also offering professional services concerning the real estate guidance, assistance along the finishing of the documents needed for the transaction, propriety management, the seeing of proprieties and the on-line publication of your offers.

            Benefiting by a skilled and experienced personal we are offering you the guarantee that the real estate bought by INTERMEDIA is the best investment!.


" Together ! ... for a good house !"

   ec. Daniel Fat

        The CUSTOMERS ! ... ours label !       
   The INTERMEDIA TEAM ! ...   We are the best !!!  
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